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NHL Property Management is committed to managing your Hazel Park rental property. We know that a property is an investment, and when you have rental properties you need to make sure they keep producing income for you and that they are being cared for properly. If they are treated poorly and left in poor condition, they are not going to rent for a good price that you would otherwise be able to get.

We also know that, whether you have had this property for generations or it was something you just purchased, you care about it and you want it to continue to be an investment for you in the future. That will not be the case if you have a Hazel Park property manager who does not take the care of your property seriously or who does not screen new tenants properly to reduce the risk of nonpayment, property damage, and other problems.

It is our goal is to ensure that your Hazel Park rental property is being treated right, and that the investment you have in it is maximized as much as possible. Having peace of mind about your rental is extremely important, and we work very hard to give you that peace as your Hazel Park property manager. We have been in business for more than 20 years, and we can bring those decades of experience in property management to work for you.

What We Offer When Managing Your Hazel Park Property

The team at NHL Property Management understands that being competitive matters. You have a choice when it comes to management, and we want to provide you with the best property management Hazel Park offers. Here is some of the value you can expect from us when we are hired to manage your property.

  • A competitive rental market analysis

  • Negotiation and enforcement of all lease terms

  • Rent and deposit collection

  • Creative marketing efforts

  • Supervision of maintenance

  • Complete tenant screenings

We Are Here to Optimize Your Property Value

To get the proper level of investment income you want, your property needs to be rented easily and consistently. You want to avoid times when the property sits empty. We market your property strategically and price it competitively, to keep interest in it high and keep it rented. We also believe in strong communication, so you have the information that is needed. Our property management team works hard to reduce problems, and we inspect carefully to avoid property damage. Reporting problems quickly can help keep quality high for all our landlords.

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Area Information for Hazel Park, MI

Known as the “Friendly City,” Hazel Park is in Oakland County. The 2010 census, is showing that the city population was 16,422. Hazel Park is a lovely location, and anyone considering renting there will want to know what it has to offer. From proximity to shops and restaurants to the surrounding natural beauty, there is always something to enjoy. You might like a quiet night on your front porch, or you may want to go out for a stroll or even to a club. Because Hazel Park has so much to offer, you can always choose something you enjoy close by.

What will a Property Manager do for my Hazel Park, Michigan rental property?

By letting us manage your rental property in Hazel Park, you can relax and enjoy the area without worry that your property is not being treated well. We will take good care of it, and we will screen tenants to ensure they take good care of it, as well. Hazel Park is a great place to live, so renting out your investment property in that location should not be difficult. Talk to us about everything we have to offer, and let our years of experience give you safety, security, and peace of mind in your investment decisions.

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